Warrior Golf Balls Review

One thing you will never lack when playing golf is the availability of golf balls from different brands. While this may have been good news when golf balls were not that available and just very expensive- it’s both good and bad news. It’s good news because you will be able to find golf all that is meant for you and your skill level. On the other hand, the process of finding it will be more tedious as there are so many options you will have to look at.

Luckily, you can take the advantage of online reviews to at least narrow your choices down. You will also get a clearer idea about what you are really looking for. This Warrior Golf Balls review will tell you everything about the Warrior Titanium two-piece golf ball. Let us find out if this ball can help you or not.

Warrior Golf Balls Review: The Features

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The Warrior titanium golf ball is built quite differently from other golf balls. The difference in its design and use of materials make it perform differently as well. Let’s check out its features to see what it can really do for you.

  1. A Titanium Mix Core.

The Warrior golf ball has a Titanium Mix core. Apparently, titanium is quite a durable and high-quality material for building golf balls. Staying true to its nature, the titanium core makes the golf ball perform really well and it helps golfers with their performances.

Apparently, the titanium core has really high energy. As a result, it transfers the energy fully and contributes to the distance traveled by the golf ball. Thus, the core will increase your distance and also the time the golf ball spends in the air.

  1. A Two-Piece Design.

The Warrior golf ball has two layers building it. The first, as you know is the core, the other is the cover. Now, two-layer golf balls have characteristics of their own. Apparently, they come with low spin for in-air performance.

As the spin is low in the air, the golf ball finds it easier to travel straight. So, if you want to increase your distance but also keep the ball going straight then a two-layer golf ball is a good choice. It reacts less to the mistakes you make when taking a swing. So, if you hit a slice, the damage done may be slightly less than the damage that a 4-5 layer ball would do.

  1. A Dupont Lithium Surlyn Cut-Proof Cover.

The cover usually contributes to the durability and feel of the ball. Apart from that, it also has a certain control over the spin the golf ball will have. Surlyn is quite the go-to cover material for golf balls. So, the use of Lithium surlyn is standard if we were to compare it with other golf balls.

Now, the cover of this golf ball is quite durable and you won’t get an extra-ordinary soft feel when you hit it. But, it won’t feel bad. Other than that, this cover helps the golf ball roll a bit on the ground- gives it a high spin on the ground. This is particularly good for short games.

  1. Icosahedral Configuration Dimple.

The dimples on this golf ball do a really good job of increasing its distance. It is able to reduce the drag faced by the golf ball. Therefore, it increases the time the golf ball passes in the air.

Therefore, the dimples on the golf ball are cleverly designed and placed. You will get good air performance from the golf ball.

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Warrior Golf Balls review: Pros and Cons


  • The Golf ball has a high-energy titanium core which utilizes the strength you hit it with very well.
  • The two-piece design gives it a low spin in the air and makes it more forgiving towards your mistakes.
  • It will contribute to increasing the distance traveled by your golf ball.
  • The cover is quite durable and it feels alright to play with.
  • The golf ball shows a really good performance on and around the green mainly because it has a high spin which helps it roll more on the ground.
  • It travels relatively straight.
  • The quality of the build is quite good.
  • You will find the price of this golf ball quite cheap in relation to other golf balls.


  • This golf ball is great for practice sessions but it may not have what it takes to be a great choice for tournaments.
  • The brand is not very popular.


Warrior Golf Balls Review: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is this golf ball suitable for?

Answer: This Warrior golf ball seems like a great choice for beginners. Professionals or better golfers may not get what they want from such a forgiving golf ball.

  1. How much control does it provide?

Answer: With a two-piece construction, this golf ball does not provide you with a lot of control. The low spin also takes matters into the hands of the golf ball itself. But the high spin on the ground offers you with a certain level of control. But, that’s not enough for golfers who want a lot of control.

Final Words

The Warrior golf ball performs the way it should depending on how it is made. This Warrior Golf Balls review tells you about the Titanium core that will fully use your speed and strength. There are other features of the golf ball that work really well. In fact, all of its features from the dimples to the cover perform just the way they are meant to perform. The quality and consistency of this golf ball are quite remarkable.

On top of that, the golf ball comes at a very reasonable price. The only drawback is that it is good but it’s not good enough for tournaments. It will increase your distance and show a nice roll on the ground- its forgiveness makes it a great option for beginners. If you are a professional you can use it as your practice golf ball.


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