Titleist Tour Soft Golf Ball Review

Whether it’s winter or the warm season of intense training, soft golf balls have an important role to play. Apparently, with each passing day, golfers are more into buying softer golf balls. It’s comparatively new and the design is quite clever so is the reason behind it. You see, soft golf balls usually give a better feel and a better distance.

If you are looking for a soft golf ball to see how it works out for you, you should choose one among the very best. The Titleist Tour Soft Golf Ball review will prove to you itself why it’s one of the best soft golf balls out there. After reading the review, you will be able to decide for yourself whether it’s the right golf ball for you or not.

Titleist Tour Soft Golf Ball Review: The Features

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What makes the golf ball perform the way it does? How exactly does it perform? Let’s find out by taking a look at its features.

  1. The Largest Titleist Core.

The Tour Soft Golf balls actually feature the largest Titleist core. In fact, the large core is one of the most important factors behind the long-distance covered by the ball. Furthermore, the larger core also offers a greater sweet spot.

So, even if you mess up your swing, hit the ball inaccurately, it won’t cost you a lot. The soft golf balls are quite forgiving in this case and the Tour Soft Golf Balls are no different. Whether you like the other parts of the golf ball or not, you will absolutely love the large core. In fact, it may lead you to look for more golf balls with a large core if this does not provide you with all the right things.

  1. The Ultra-Thin Cover.

One of the reasons why this Tour soft golf ball is both soft and lightweight is its Ultra-Thin 4CE grafted cover. You know that clicking sound you get when you hit the golf ball right? The sound may vary from one ball to another and the most satisfying of them all is a soft thud sound.

This Tour Soft Golf ball with its thin cover is capable of providing you with that exact soft thud. In fact, you may find yourself practicing more than usual just to hear that soft thud sound more. It will definitely help you improve your game.

One trouble you may face with the really thin core is that it may not be very durable. You will notice that the cover is fraying as you advance through the game. While the golf ball will still be playable, it won’t look brand new.

  1. The Dimples on the Ball.

Ever wondered why there are dimples on golf balls? Well, dimples may very well be the reason golf balls travel as far as they do. Apparently, teh dimples reduce the area of contact with the air, therefore, the direction as well. The ball faces less drag due to the dimples.

This Tour Soft Golf ball attains that objective perfectly with their spherically-tiled 342 cuboctahedron dimples. In fact, this gives the golf ball more time in the air and the chance to go farther.

  1. The Spin.

Due to the design of the layers in the ball and the materials used to build it, this golf ball has a low spin when it is in air. In fact, the low spin during flight helps the golf ball go a greater distance. On top of that, it also makes keeping the ball straight easier.

The low spin in the air increases the spin on the ground. Which is essential for an accurate short game. However, it does not increase the side spin just enough. You may find the ball giving up on the green when it’s supposed to take a curvy turn.

So, while this golf ball performs really well in case of distance, it does not do the same n the green. If you learn to control it somehow then it may give you the best of all worlds.

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Titleist Tour Soft Golf Ball Review: Pros and Cons


    • This golf ball is capable of going quite a distance.
    • The large core contributes to increasing the distance and also gives a greater sweet spot.
    • Low spin in the air helps it go straight.
    • The dimple design increases its time in the air and thus the distance traversed by it.
    • s.


  • A very thin cover layer gives the golfer a soft feel when they hit the ball right.
  • The softball is quite affordable compared to other softball
  • The cover layer does not seem very durable- it gets frayed with time.
  • It may not have enough side spin for the short games to be accurate.

Titleist Tour Soft Golf Ball Review: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is this a good golf ball for beginners?

Answer: Softer golf balls are usually more expensive and better suited for mid-handicap golfers. Beginners who have developed their swing well will get benefited from these balls. However, if you have not yet learned to take a proper swing, this ball is not for you.

  1. Will these golf balls help mid handicappers with distance?

Answer: Yes, the Tour Soft golf balls are an excellent choice for mid handicappers who are trying to improve their distance. Apparently, it works better for those with slower swing speeds.

Final Words

Soft golf balls perform really well and they help the golfer’s performance as well. However, they are more expensive than the harder golf balls. If you were avoiding buying soft golf balls because of their price then this Titleist Tour Soft Golf Ball review should save you. Apparently, these are among the affordable soft golf balls and they provide a lot of value.

The distance and feel you get from playing with these golf balls is incomparable. While the cover may not be the most durable you get your money’s worth. You can check out other soft golf balls to buy but surely, this will provide the greatest value.


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