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A golfer is just as good as his golf club. If you own a good quality golf club, you can learn to play much better quicker, without much difficulty. There are hundreds of brands that sell high-quality golf clubs in the market. If you’re new to the golfing world, you might feel overwhelmed with all the golf club options with fancy and confusing features. To make it a little easier for you, we are going to talk about one of the best golf clubs available in the market: the GX-7 golf club. Now, without further ado, let’s get right into it!

GX7 Golf Club

The GX-7 Golf Club is an incredibly versatile golf club that works efficiently at any place on the golf course. This makes it perfect for golfers who long for accuracy. This golf club ensures accurate shots while facing a tight window in order to reach the fairway. The club is exceptionally accurate whether you are taking a shot off the tee or from the light rough right off the fairway. In both scenarios, the GX-7 ensures peak performance.


Body: The club measures 43 inches lengthwise, and comes at a 14-degree loft. This shorter shaft can be very useful, especially for mid-to-high handicappers who require help with distance. The club-head is 267cc, which is pretty small compared to many club-heads. This small club-head allows a low profile that boosts shot height. The club comes with a 14-degree loft which makes it a good option for beginner golfers.

Feel and Performance: With a wide profile, the GX-7 golf club ensures a smooth strike with each shot. For golfers that require longer distance from the fairway shots and a utility wood to assist them in navigating narrow fairways off the tee, the GX-7 club was manufactured specifically to serve its exact purpose

The GX-7 X-Metal was made for stability. It provides impressive stability when you bring it back for the backswing and then perform your downswing through the ball. The club gets rid of any sort of shakiness at impact, as it is made of high-quality shock-absorbing materials.

 Distance: The GX-7 is not exactly a driver. But surprisingly enough, this amazing golf club does remarkably well off the tee box due to the club’s built, the club head’s low profile, and the club’s low 14-degrees loft. It substitutes for a driver and does surprisingly well. The GX-7 was made for players who are experiencing decreased swing speed. As it has a lower center of gravity, the GX-7 club is able to lift the ball higher and provide straighter shots with less spin for more forgiveness.

 Forgiveness: In the game of golf, the word forgiveness refers to the design elements and features in golf clubs that reduce the effects of bad swings and poor contact with the golf ball. A golf club that has lots of these features is said to offer a lot of forgiveness.

The GX-7 promotes less spin on the golf ball, flies straighter than most clubs that are more advanced, built for low-handicappers that value shot shape over dependability. The GX-7 comes with a low profile that is wider compared to most fairway woods. So we can say the GX-7 has high forgiveness.

 Low Center of Gravity: The GX-7 has a low center of gravity. Having a lower center of gravity is an amazing feature in a golf club. But it might not be too obvious or understandable why possessing a lower center of gravity on the club-head can be a plus point during a golf game.

Just as the height of a shot means to more distance, a lower center of gravity transmits a higher amount of energy to the lower half of the golf ball. This provides an additional lift and lets you perform higher shots.

 High Launch Angle: If players can lift the ball within a particular range of launch angle, then their chances of making a hole in one, increase a lot. The GX-7 is specially designed for struggling beginners who have trouble getting the ball into the air consistently. The shorter shaft, the 14-degree loft, and a lower center of gravity in the rear of the club head allow the GX-7 club to help any golfer get the ball higher without difficulty and achieve longer distances. GX-7 is specially designed to tackle the weak points of most newbie golfers by providing a club that is more comfortable to swing than most of the fairway woods available in the market.

High-Handicapper Compatible: The GX-7 is highly accessible for high-handicapped players. The club does remarkably well to aid you to add yards to your long fairway shots and drives. The short 43-inch shaft enables high handicappers to strike with ease.

This amazing fairway wood is capable of decreasing the spin on the golf ball that results in fewer wayward shots, more length from every part of the golf course. High-handicappers consider the GX-7 versatile because it sprouts confidence in them and allows them to rely on the club for crucial moments during the game.


  • A great substitute for a driver
  • Can eliminate 4-5 bad drives in each round
  • Accuracy equating to that of a Fairwood
  • High smash factor
  • High forgiveness
  • Appropriate for higher handicapped players
  • Less spin
  • Low center of gravity and higher launch range.


  • Slightly expensive

 Final Words

Well,B there you have it. Everything you need to know about the GX-7 golf club has been explained in detail. The features this golf club comes with are truly remarkable. Do you think this is the right golf club for you? If you want to get a golf club that has a short, lightweight body, and provides maximum stability, this one is a great option. The forgiveness factors in this club are impressive and it feels like a high-performance golf club. If you think this is the right one for you, definitely make the purchase. We hope we were able to help you find what you were looking for.

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