Cut Blue Golf Ball Review

Wondering why your performance in golf is not improving despite you trying so hard? It might not be you but what you play with that is causing this stagnant condition. One of the most important things in golf is the golf ball. The material and design of the golf ball determine how the golf ball will perform based on your swing.

There are a lot of things that matter starting from layers to spin. You will find many golf balls in the market if one just works out for you then it’s amazing news. But, if the current golf ball is not giving you better scores you should look around. The Cut Blue Golf Ball Review will give you an idea about what matters in golf balls and if this can be the one you are looking for.

Cut Blue Golf Ball Review: The Features


Cut Blue Golf Ball ReviewS

Cut Blue Golf Ball Review

Let’s take a look at the materials and design of the golf ball to see how it will affect your performance.

A Four Piece Construction.

Golf balls are built with one to five layers. The more the layers, the more control you get over the golf ball. The Cut Blue golf ball has four layers in it. Each layer contributes to the performance in a different way.

Apparently, the four layers together give this golf ball quite a good speed. Therefore, it travels quite a distance when you hit it right off the tee. Although this golf ball is not advertised based on the distance it travels, the distance traveled will not disappoint you. On top of that, the four layers together create a balance between the speed and spin of the golf ball.

This golf ball may not be the perfect choice for beginners as it is not very forgiving. However, it is a great choice for golfers looking to improve their game.

A Urethane Cover.

The cover of the golf ball is made of urethane. Now, urethane is one of the best materials for making golf balls. It is a bit more expensive than other materials but it is worth the extra money.

The Urethane cover will give you a soft feel when you hit the ball. Even if the core is not soft enough, the cover will give you exactly what you want. Apart from that, one of the complaints of customers using this golf ball is that the cover is not very durable. It gets scratched easily and as we know, the scratches on the golf balls affect the performance of the golf ball.

The Spin and Control.

When it comes to the spin and control of this golf ball, you just get what you need where you need it. Apparently, this golf ball has a high speed and low spin when it is in the air. With the spin low in the air, the golf ball does not change its direction a lot. Thus, you get a relatively straight-going golf ball.

You also know that it is best if the spin is high on the ground or on the green. This golf ball seems to find the perfect balance between high and low spin. It has a high spin on the ground along with a really good back and stopping spin.

Even when the ground is wet (if you are playing in rainy weather), this golf ball will give you a performance that impresses you. In fact, it is able to stop after a bounce.

It also has dimples on the body that give it the right aerodynamics for just enough air time. The flight, initial speed, and time in the air will be able to satisfy you.

Cut Blue Golf Ball Review: Pros & Cons


  • The Four-layer design finds a good balance between the speed and spin of the golf ball.
  • It has a really good build quality- especially the core and mantle are built with quality.
  • You will get a very satisfying soft feel when you hit the sweet spot of the golf ball.
  • The urethane cover is one of the best quality covers on golf balls, it also adds to the soft feel when you hit the golf ball at the right spot.
  • It is available at a reasonable price even though it is not cheap- you after all have to pay for the quality this golf ball offers.
  • The greenside spin will help you improve your short game- it has a great backspin and stopping spin on the green.
  • Its flight and performance in the air are also quite good.


  • The Urethane cover gets scratched quite easily which somewhat affects the performance of the golf ball.

Frequently Asked Questions :

  •  How many dimples does this golf ball have?

Answer: The new version has 314 dimples on it. You may find the old version with 338 dimples. Both perform quite well.

  • Does it have a matte or glossy finish?

Answer: This Golf ball has a glossy finish.

In conclusion

If you are a golfer who is looking for a golf ball he will have more control over, then this Cut Blue Golf Ball Review should make it clear to you that this might just be the golf ball you are looking for. Apart from the control, this golf ball also shows a really good flight and air performance. The Four Layer build adds to its value as well. In fact, the different materials building each of the layers add variety to the performance of the ball and balances everything out.

When you consider the price, you will find it quite reasonable. On top of that, bulk orders may get you a discount and the brand offers discounts from time to time. Keep an eye out for those deals and you will love everything about this golf ball.

As for the looks, it looks like any other golf ball bu with time it may lose its shine. But, it’s only the cover that gets scratched, the inner parts remain good.

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