Callaway ERC Golf Ball Review

Once you get the feel of a soft golf ball, there is no going back. You get addicted to that click
and soft sound you get when you hit the sweet spot. But, not all soft golf balls are the same.
Some are not as soft and do not provide the same performance as others. Again, there are that just
will not fit your budget. Therefore, it is necessary that you explore well before choosing the right
golf ball for yourself. So you should flow our Callaway ERC Golf Ball Review

Among the soft golf balls, the Callaway ERC golf ball is a good option, or might not be for you. You
will only know if you read the Callaway ERC Golf Ball review. Knowledge is real power in this
case so that you don’t have to buy a bunch of wrong golf balls to find the right one.

Callaway ERC Golf Ball Review: The Features

Let’s check out what the Callaway ERC golf ball is made of and how it makes it perform. The
features of this golf ball will make it clear to you whether you want it or not.

1. A Graphene Infused Dual Fast Soft Core.

When it comes to soft golf balls, the first thing you usually have to take a look at is the core of
the golf ball. The ERC golf ball has a Graphene infused soft core which makes it quite a
forgiving golf ball. In fact, this core is the reason behind the ball going a good distance.
The distance covered by the ball is definitely not the longest but it still is an improvement. This
core also maximizes the compression energy giving the golf ball an initial high speed and a good

Apart from that, this core is also the reason behind the soft feel you get when you hit the soft
spot of the ball. While the core does minimize the spin of the ball, it’s not as forgiving. You may
have a bit of a hard time making the ball go straight.

2. The Multi-Material Hybrid Cover.

How many golf balls have you seen with a multi-material cover? Not many. Most just have a
plain surlyn or urethane cover. However, this one’s made with multiple materials and it gives
good properties to this golf ball.

Apparently, the cover contributes to the soft feel you get when you hit this ball right. It’s a
particularly good feeling when you are chipping with this golf ball. Apart from that, this cover
gives the golf ball a slightly high spin on the green.

Apparently, the higher spin on the green helps you have more control over the direction of the
ball. So, if you are looking for a ball that will give you more control during short games, you just
found it. In fact, this ERC golf ball shows a really good performance on the green.

3. Triple Track Technology.

Do you have a hard time being accurate during your short game? After all, those long putts are
quite scary, you never know when you get it wrong during the short putts either.

This ERC golf ball helps you to some degree with its triple track technology. It has not one, but
three lines on it that help you aim accurately. So, it’s not just the high spin that the core and
cover provide you with that helps with the short game- it’s the overall design of the ball.

4. The Spin, Launch, and Price.

Callaway is quite a well-known brand in the golf world and it’s probably because of its brand
name that it is priced so high. Apparently, the quality of the golf balls is great. You will be able
to go through quite a few tournaments with these golf balls. However, you will also find many
other soft golf balls at a better price.

Now, the problems you may face with this golf ball include the launch style of this golf ball. At
times, the ball seems to balloon when you hit it off the tee. Other than that, if you have a hard
time making your golf ball go straight, this golf ball may not help you much.
Callaway ERC Golf Ball Review: Pros and Cons

 The Graphene infused core gives this golf ball a really soft feel.
 It goes a good distance thanks to its overall design.
 The ball has a medium spin in the air which slightly helps to keep it going straight.
 With its cover providing it with a high spin- it does a wonderful job during the short
game- around the green.
 It provides you with a lot of control.
 The triple Track technology helps you be accurate when you are putting.
 It is a high-quality golf ball with a durable cover that also gives a soft feel.

 You may have a hard time making the ball go straight.
 It is a bit expensive for what it offers.
 The launch may not feel very right off the tee.

Callaway ERC Golf Ball Review: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do these golf balls help to increase distance?

Answer: it does not particularly improve the distance traversed but if you are really lagging
behind- its softcore will give you a good distance.

2. Are they a good choice for women golfers?

Answer: Yes, they absolutely are.

3. What is the compression of these golf balls?

Answer: Unfortunately, Callaway does not specifically mention the compression number of its
golf balls.

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Final Words

As you can guess from the features, the Callaway ERC golf balls have a higher spin than most
other softballs. This is why it is more suitable for expert golfers than beginners. The higher spin
makes it difficult to control the direction of the golf ball. Apparently, the ball reacts more to the
mistakes in your swing- it is less forgiving.
But, once you get the direction right, it does go a good distance. Furthermore, it gives excellent
performance on the green with its high spin. The quality of the build is great and long-lasting.
It’s the price that may bother you a bit.

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