Bridgestone E6 Golf Ball Review

You do not notice it at first but you notice it slowly. It seems like it’s just your swing and strength that matters but when you keep playing golf, you know that’s not really the case. The quality of your clubs and the ball matters too. Even your gloves and shoes play a role in determining how much control you have over the golf ball.

Regardless, the golf ball is the most important of them all. Because if you hit a tennis ball with your golf club, it will never fly as high or go as far. Finding the right golf ball for you and your skill level is hard. Moreover, as your handicap changes, you may even benefit from using a different golf ball.

For now, let this Bridgestone E6 golf ball review tell you about what this golf ball can do for you. As you know more about this in-demand golf ball, you will also know what you want from your golf ball and what you don’t want from it.

Bridgestone E6 Golf Ball Review: The Features

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It’s the individual features that make up the whole golf ball. Each part of it contributes to how the golf ball performs.

  1. A Two Layer Design.

You will find more recent Bridgestone models like the e6 and will wonder how it is any different from the e6. Apparently, the e12 has three layers in it while the e6 comes with two. Now, how does it affect its performance?

Golf balls with more layers have more spin and are more suitable for better players. On the other hand, golf balls with 1 to 2 layers are cheaper and have lower spin. As a result, they are easier to keep straight.

Therefore, these golf balls work well for golfers just starting who have a bit of a problem with their swings.

  1. A Low Compression Core.

One more thing you will come across very often is a low compression core when you are looking for golf balls that increase your distance. Apparently, a softcore usually has a lower compression and lower compressions give the ball a higher speed with a lower spin.

As the speed is higher, the ball also traverses a greater distance. Moreover, as the core is large, the golf ball is more forgiving to mistakes during long games. You also get a really soft feel when you hit the ball right. This soft feeling may be enough to motivate you for more practice. Because that soft thud is worth living for.

  1. The Delta Dimple Design.

As mentioned earlier, a lot goes into increasing the distance of the ball. Apparently, the dimples that you see on the golf ball have a role to play. These dimples reduce the drag faced by the golf ball when it’s in air. Some dimple patterns work really well and some do not.

In the case of the Bridgestone E6, it works quite well. The classic Bridgestone Delta dimple reduces the drag of the golf ball and increases its time in the air. As the force against it is low, the golf ball goes quite a good distance.

  1. The Spin of the ball.

The spin of the golf ball plays a very important role in determining how much the ball will react to your swing. Golf balls that have a high spin in long games will respond to your attempts to curve it. On the other hand, low spin in the air means that the golf ball will travel relatively straight.

Now, the Bridgestone E6 golf ball is a great choice for those who have a hard time keeping the ball straight in long games. You take your shot and find that the golf ball is not in the fairway- e6 is for you.

However, low spin in the air usually means a bit of high spin on the ground. Having high spin on the ground is actually a good thing when you are chipping- it gives you more control over the direction of the ball. However, the e6 golf ball does not have enough sidespin to provide you with that side spin you need. So, if you have trouble with a long game, this is the golf ball for you. If you have trouble with the short game- it may only make it worse.

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Bridgestone E6 Golf Ball Review: Pros and Cons


  • The two layers making up the golf ball makes it go straight in direction.
  • It has just the right amount of spin in the air to increase the distance traversed.
  • The golf ball has a dimple pattern and depth that increases its time in the air.
  • It starts off with a very high-speed thanks to the large core.
  • Very forgiving in nature and gives a nice soft thud when you hit its sweet spot.
  • It is quite affordable in price.


  • It may not have enough side spin for a trouble-free short game.

Bridgestone E6 Golf Ball Review: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the compression of the E6 golf balls?

Answer: These balls have a compression of 50, which is quite low and good for golfers with slow swing speed.

  1. Is this golf ball softer than other soft golf balls available?

Answer: if you compare this golf ball with others, you will find other golf balls softer than this one. Although it is soft, it’s not very soft, meaning the core is slightly harder than other softer golf balls.

Final Words

The Bridgestone E6 has its strong points and weak ones. Overall, it is quite an affordable choice for beginners and mid-handicap golfers. It is especially good for golfers who want to increase their distances.

Who it’s not good for are the golfers who are not good at their short game- might only make it worse. Furthermore, in comparison to other soft golf balls, it’s less soft. Therefore, if you are looking for a softball that has slightly hardcore (hope, that’s making sense), then this Bridgestone E6 golf ball is the one for you.


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