Bridgestone E12 Golf Ball Review

Two main concerns when you are playing golf is the distance traveled by the golf ball and the
direction it followed. If you get these two right- you will get through every hole with flying
colors. However, this is where things get tough- you need your swing and calculations to be
perfect and most often it’s not even close to perfect. All you can do is try your best with
everything you have.

One of the things that contribute greatly to improve your game is the golf ball. You will see that
people change their brand or model of golf ball they are using as they improve. In other words,
golf balls have a huge impact on your performance, and you should only get the best or most
suitable one for your skill and level.

The Bridgestone E12 golf ball is known for going a great distance that too in a straight line. So,
if you are looking to gain more distance and a straighter shot then this Bridgestone E12 golf ball
the review is for you.

Bridgestone E12 Golf Ball Review: The Features

Bridgestone E12 Golf Ball Review

What is it about the Bridgestone E12 golf ball that sets it apart from others? Why should you
choose it? A summary of its different features and how it does what it does should give you an

1. A Golf Ball with three layers.

A golf ball may have one to five layers in it and the more layers it has, the more control it
provides you with. This Bridgestone E12 golf ball is made with three layers and each of these
three layers plays an important role in how it performs.

The core of this golf ball is quite soft and slightly larger than the other parts. This is why this ball
is more forgiving to your wrong swings and also gives you a soft thud when you hit it right.

Now, what sets the ball apart from other golf balls is its Active Acceleration mantle which is
made of High-performance Polymer material. This layer increases the thrust and gives this E12
golf ball a higher initial velocity. As a result, this golf ball can go quite a distance.

If you want to increase your distance in golf, this golf ball seems like a great choice. The layers
work together to gives the ball a lower spin when in flight. This contributes to the straighter
direction followed by the golf ball.

2. Delta Wing Dimple Design.

As you already know, the simple design of the golf ball plays an important role in the
aerodynamics of the ball. Now, this E12 ball has the classic Bridgestone Delta Wing Design.
This design reduces the drag faced by the E12 golf ball and thus increases its time in the air.

As a result, the golf ball can stick to its promise of giving you a greater distance. With a longer
time in the air and less force against the ball, the ball travels quite far.

3. The Spin of the Ball.

the build of the golf ball gives it a low spin in the air which contributes to the longer distance
traveled in a straightway. You may have a hard time curving the ball intentionally as many
professionals have to do so. However, if you mainly want a ball that goes straight- this is the one.
Apart from that, its spin on the ground is not good enough to help improve the short game
performance. So, if it’s your short game performance you have an issue with- this may not be the
ball you are looking for.

4. The Material Building the Ball and its durability.

The E 12 is mainly a golf ball made of Surlyn. Now, for a Surlyn ball, it does really well but you
may find that it is pricier than it should be. Other than that, the cover does not look very durable

It gets scratches quite easily and as we all know- scratches on the cover contribute to its
performance in one way or the other.

You will find the golf ball available in white and matte red color. While the white will be quite
visible, it’s the matte red you may have some trouble with. Apparently, the matte red version is
hard to spot.


Bridgestone E12 Golf Ball review: Pros and Cons


 This golf ball is known for going a really long distance and in a straight line.
 A great choice for golfers with slow swing speeds trying to improve their distance.
 It has three layers building it- each contributing to a long-distance traveled.
 The on-air low spin keeps it going straight.
 It gives a nice soft feel when you hit it.
 Quite forgiving with its soft yet large core.
 The ball has a really good initial speed.


 It is not the best choice for improving the short game.
 The red matte color is hard to spot.
 For a surly ball, you may find it a bit too expensive.

Bridgestone E12 Golf Ball Review: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Between the red and the green, which is easier to see?
Answer: Between the two colors, green is easier to see.

2. What is the difference between the E12 and the E6 2019?
Answer: The E12 golf ball has three layers in it while the E6 2019 golf ball has two layers. But,
the E6 2019 golf ball gives a softer feeling than the e12.

In conclusion

If you are someone who is not just looking to improve the long game then this may not be the
golf ball for you. Apparently, the specialty of this golf ball is traveling a long distance in a
straight line. The three layers, its overall design, and even the dimples contribute to it traversing
a longer distance.

It’s particularly a good choice for people with slower swing speeds. Apart from that, if it does
not work for you,  you may also find it quite expensive. After all, it is made of Surlyn not
Urethane or other high-quality material.

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