Best Soft Golf Balls

When you look at golf balls, they all just look the same except differences in color and logo. There is actually a lot of thought and work that goes into each of the layers of the golf ball. Yes, golf balls actually have layers within them that dictate how it will react to your swings. Well, there are golf balls with just one layer as well but they aren’t the most popular among golfers. What’s famous right now is soft golf balls because of the control they offer.

Once you start playing with a soft golf ball, you realize how much it can truly offer you with. It will improve your game and that is probably why you are looking for the best soft golf balls. So, without further delay, let’s take a look at the best ones available right now and how what you should consider when buying a soft golf ball.

Best Soft Golf Balls: The Reviews

  1. Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls.

When it comes to soft golf balls, Titleist Tour Soft golf ball is among the best few. Apparently, it has just the right design with the layers in the right mixture to provide the soft feel that golfers crave. In fact, this golf ball has a large core that is very responsive to the strike. Furthermore, it is soft and it helps the ball traverse quite the distance.

The ball also has a spherically tiled dimple design which provides it with really good flight time and trajectory. This also contributes to making the ball travel quite a distance. Other than that, the ball has an ultra-thin grafted cover that adds to the soft feel the golfers get when they play with this ball.

Because of the low spin, the ball goes straight, has a good stopping power on the grass, and performs really well in the green. It will definitely improve your score.

The catch is that the golf ball may not seem like the most durable ball for the price it comes at. It is rather expensive yet the cover gets scratched easily. With time, you may even find the cover breaking. So, there were a few customers who expected better from a golf ball at this price level.


  • This golf ball has a large core with a large sweet spot.
  • The thin cover gives a really soft feel to the golfers.
  • It has a low spin which makes it go quite straight.
  • Great performance on and around the green.
  • It goes a good distance and performs well in air.


  • A bit expensive.
  • It may not seem very durable.

  1. Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls.

The Callaway Supersoft golf balls are true to their name. They are very soft in nature and provide you with quite a soft feel. If you want to increase the distance you gain from the ball then these Supersoft golf balls may be the way to achieve your goal.

The technique behind an increased distance for these balls is actually a lower compression. In fact, the Supersoft balls have a core with really low compression. This low compression helps the ball go quite far. Furthermore, the thin cover also contributes to a soft feel on the ground.

As a result, the balls perform really well in the short game as well. It rolls on the grass and adds to the distance traversed. Other than that, the ball also has Low Drag HEX aerodynamics design which increases its flight time, air time, and also gives it a good trajectory. Therefore, you will get two things from it- a good distance and a soft feel.

The ball will be easy to spot in the greenery of the golf courses. One thing you may not absolutely love is the quality of the cover. Apparently, the cover is quite thin and can be inconsistent in its performance. It can get easily scratched if you play it on a hard surface as well.

The price, however, is quite reasonable for the quality and performance you get from this set of soft golf balls.


  • The low compression cover and core increase the distance traversed by the golf ball.
  • It has an aerodynamic design that increases flight time and provides a good trajectory.
  • The short game performance by this ball is great due to its soft nature.
  • It offers a good feel.
  • Easy to spot.
  • Good value for the price.


  • The cover may get scratched easily.
  • The performance may not be consistent.

  1. TaylorMade TP5x pix 2.0 Golf Ball.

Want a soft golf ball that gives you good control over it as well? You can try this TaylorMade TP5x pix 2.0 golf ball out. Apparently, it is a 5-layer golf ball built with the best quality materials.

It has soft tough cast urethane in its cover. Therefore, you can expect a very soft feel when you hit the ball. This cover also makes this ball perform really well on the green. Other than that, the five-layer construction does not only make it soft to the feel but also gives it quite a high spin.

It won’t go straight easily but it will give you good control over the direction it goes. Another unique feature of this golf ball is the graphics. In fact, it has a multi-color graphics which makes it very easy to spot on the course. Furthermore, the graphics are actually dedicated to a purpose. It wants to make your putts more accurate and easier.

You will know instantly after you putt whether you putt the ball correctly or not. However, at times the line is not fully aligned.

The golf ball is quite expensive so you may want to be careful with how you hit it. After all, the cover is a bit soft and it can get scratched.


  • It has five layers in it which makes it quite soft in nature.
  • The urethane cover gives a great performance on the green and grass.
  • It has a great flight time and trajectory.
  • The graphics are easy to spot and very helpful in short games.
  • It actually gives a really soft feel when you hit it.


  • A bit expensive.
  • The graphics are not always aligned.

  1. Srixon Men’s Soft Feel Golf Ball.

Do you have a low swing speed? Then, this Srixon Men’s Soft feel golf ball may be the golf ball that finally helps you improve your game. Apparently, it has a compression of 71 which is a good choice for golfers with low swing speeds.

It gives you quite a distance and really good air performance. In fact, it has 344 dimples on it which contribute to reducing drag. As a result, the flight time is higher, and the ball has a good takeoff from the tee.

Apart from that, the ball has two layers so the spin is quite low. It will help you hit a straight shot most of the time. However, the backspin is not that great which is why you don’t get a lot of control over the ball. Other than that, it also comes with an alignment aid which helps you be more accurate in your short game- mainly putting.

The ball will be quite easy to find on the green because you can select the yellow color as well. It has a synthetic build and you may feel that the materials building the ball are not of very high quality.

However, the golf balls are actually within the affordable range. It is a good choice for a wide range of golfers. You actually get quite a soft feel when you hit these golf balls right.


  • A great option for people with low swing speeds.
  • The Low compression helps the ball traverse a greater distance.
  • The dimples increase flight time and also give a great take-off.
  • It helps the golfer be accurate when putting with its alignment line.
  • Two layers help it have a lower spin.
  • Good value for the money.


  • As the backspin is low, the ball can be hard to control.
  • The material may not be of the highest quality.

  1. 2020 Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls.

If you want a ball that has had attention to every detail when it was being manufactured then you have it. Apparently, the 2020 Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls have every layer of it clearly and carefully attended to by the best engineers. In fact, both its core and cover are made in a way that will help you gain more distance in the course. A par-5 hole may just become your favorite with such a supportive golf ball.

This ball has a large Graphene-infused Dual soft fast core. Apparently, the core gives a softer feel and also a larger sweet spot. Also, as it is soft, it will go quite a distance.

The thin cover, on the other hand, contribute to the increased distance and also reduces the during-flight spin. So, this ball has a low spin in the air and a high spin on the ground. Therefore, you get just what you need right where you need it.

The performance of this golf ball around the green and on the green is good as the ball rolls well. However, when it comes to soft feel, you may feel that it was better during the flight. The ball does not give that ‘bite’ or click during the short games which many other golf balls are successful at providing.

Apart from that, the dimples on the body also help to reduce drag and increase the distance traveled by the ball. One more unique feature of this ball is the alignment or graphics that come with it. In fact, you have the option to choose more colorful graphics which will make this ball much easier to find.

Overall, this ball not only has a really good quality build but the features it has are also very helpful. It is not exactly cheap but it does provide great value for the money.


  • The ball is built with attention to every detail- every layer is built the way it should be built.
  • It has a low spin in the air and a high spin on the ground.
  • The graphics make it easier to find.
  • Great quality build which is meant to last a number of tournaments.
  • Good flight time because of the aerodynamics.
  • It provides a really good feeling.


  • It does not provide the bite or feel that well during short games.

Best Soft Golf Balls: The Buying Guide

There are a number of factors you have to consider when looking for the best soft golf balls. Here are a few things you should know.


  1. The Golf Ball Layers.

What really affects the softness or hardness of the golf ball is the layers forming it. Apparently, you will find golf balls with one to five layers. The most common is two-layer and three-layer golf balls.

A golf ball with just one layer is hard in nature and the least expensive. Usually, it is made of a material name Surlyn with dimples in it. You will find them great for practice sessions.

A golf ball with two layers usually has a high-energy core covered with a more durable cover layer. These balls go a greater distance than he one-piece balls but they don’t offer you as much control.

Then, we have the famous three-layer golf balls. Apparently, it has a rubber or liquid core with an enhanced rubber as the second layer and finally a coating of Surlyn or Urethane in the outer layer. These balls are softer to hit because of their cores.

Most soft golf balls are made with Urethane as the outer layer. The more layers a golf ball has, the more spin it will have- it will become harder to control the direction of the ball. However, more layers also mean that the ball will travel a greater distance.

So, a ball with a softer core and more layers will help you get a better distance.

  1. The Spin of the Golf Ball.

Another important consideration when choosing a golf ball is the spin. Apparently, a high spin will be more appropriate for golfers with a better handicap while the low spin is more appropriate for beginners.

A low spin means a low side spin, as a result of which the ball will go straighter. A mid-spin will give the golfer some control over both the direction and the distance. On the other hand, a high spin will be more reactive to the swing. One small mistake and the ball’s direction will be changed.

A ball with low spin will roll more on the ground giving the ball more distance.

  1. The Compression of the Golf Ball.

Since you are looking for soft golf balls, you will prefer a lower compression. Apparently, compression is actually a measure of the deflection of the golf ball. It ranges from 0 to 200 and usually, it stays between 50-100. Also, a low compression is better for golfers with a slower swing speed as it is able to give a greater distance.

On the other hand, golf balls with a higher compression give the golfer more control but less distance. Therefore, it is suitable for golfers with higher swing speed.

  1. The Dimples on the Ball.

Yes, the dimples and their patterns actually matter. What the dimples intend to do is reduce the area of the ball that comes in contact with the air when in flight. This leads to lower friction and a greater flight time which leads to a greater distance.

So, you can check the description of the golf balls to see what the dimples on it are capable of doing.

  1. The Durability of the Golf Ball.

A soft golf ball will definitely not be cheap. You will be investing quite an amount on a set so the least you can expect is for them to be durable. In fact, you should be able to use them for a few tournaments and later on for practice sessions.

Balls that crack easily or get scratches are not at all desirable because even the scratches cause changes in the performance of the ball. After all, they are like tiny dimples.


  1. The Visibility of the golf ball.

This is more important to consider if you are playing on a crowded golf course or during winter. The leaves may hide the ball or you may confuse you with another golfer’s ball. This is why many golf ball brands offer their golf balls in various colors.

You can choose the most unique and eye-catching colors of them all. Yellow and orange are usually the most famous choices and they do not attract crows either. Neon green is also a good choice but since you will be playing in the green, it’s best to stick to the other two.

  1. The Cost of the Golf Ball.

You already know that the best golf balls especially the best soft golf balls are supposed to be expensive. Well, if not expensive, they are not exactly cheap. After you have chosen the golf ball that seems to fit your needs, you should look for the best package deals.

In fact, it is best to buy the golf balls in greater sets. This is because the bundle price is usually lower. Always keep an eye out for offers and discounts. Check the quality and reviews of the golf balls carefully to be sure about your purchase. You really do not want such expenditure to just go to waste.

Best Soft Golf Balls: The Benefits

Why are golfers going after soft golf balls? Does the softer golf balls improve your game? Let’s find out what it does for you.

How it affects the spin: A softer golf ball usually has a lower side spin. Therefore, with a lower side spin, your golf ball is more likely to go straight. In other words, it will be more forgiving to your swing mistakes. It will stick to the fairway most of the time so you won’t lose many strokes.

It gives more control: A softer golf ball has more backspin. As a result of the backspin, the golfer gets more control over the ball. This leads to better performance in the short game. A lower spin with more control makes the ball roll more on the green and grass. So, more distance is covered and you can also be more accurate in short games.

A Better Feel: Golf balls that are soft create a completely different high-quality sound when they are hit right. With time, you may get addicted to this nice click the golf ball creates. This will lead to more accurate hits right on the golf ball’s sweet spot- which will improve your game.

Best Soft Golf Balls: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are softer golf balls more forgiving?

Answer: Yes, softer golf balls offer a greater sweet spot. So, it is harder to miss the sweet spot, and even if you miss it the ball won’t go completely astray. Furthermore, it also helps you hit straighter.

  1. How to take care of a golf ball?

Answer: Firstly, prevent seriously injuring the golf ball- don’t use it on hard surfaces. In order to properly take care of it, all you have to do is wash it in water with mild soap. Get rid of the dirt that sticks to the golf balls. That’s about it.

Final Words

Even the thought of buying the best soft golf balls should make you dream about that soft click when you hit the sweet spot. It’s truly addictive and it will help you get better at the game. However, not all softball is for you as you can guess now. There are so many varying factors like the spin, compression, dimples, that matter.

You have to keep those in mind and also your needs. Finally, your budget will probably play the most important hand in deciding which ball you will buy.


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