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Golfing can be a lot of fun, that is if you know how it is played. Basically, the sport can come off as very daunting and confusing if you have no prior association with it. The best way to learn about golf in this case has to be through podcasts.

Now the thing with podcasts is that they are very convenient as all you need to do is simply pop in your earphones and press play on the audio. This makes it easier for you to listen to even on public transportations. Another great thing about podcasts is that they cover a range of different topics, based on fan questions and reviews. Thus you know all your queries will be responded to as well.

There are tons of podcasts about golfing on the internet, yet like everything else, some are definitely going to be better than the rest. To make things easier for you and save you from all that research and guesswork, we are going to review some of the best golf podcasts on the internet right now.

  1. No Laying Up

This podcast channel is not for the newbie enthusiasts as the commentators on this channel dig through very complex and complicated golf-related topics only seasoned players and enthusiasts will know of properly. However, amateurs can still give this channel a try if they want to know more about the complex side of golfing as a sport.

No Laying Up covers serious questions and answers related to golfing, though also having quite a bit of fun with the interviewees along the way. This is the podcast you should be listening to if you are a no-bullshit kind of person.

  1. The Shack House

Honestly, even though the name of the channel does sound like something a fast-food chain will be called, we guarantee you will find everything about only golfing here!

The hosts of this channel have a really good rapport and the overall dynamic of each episode is pretty interesting. Even amateur golfers who have no idea what the sport is like to begin with will take a liking to this podcast channel.

Hosts Joe and Geoff take a wild run at various concepts and arguments related to golfing, therefore digging pretty deep into the niche; something both beginners and experienced players will admire.

The channel also covers up to date news and articles regarding the latest trends and concepts of golfing, thus you will not have to waste valuable time going through countless newspapers and articles to find the perfect story to read.

  1. Foreplay Podcast

This channel is quite possibly the best pick for the Average Joe of golfing among us. The hosts of this channel talk about everything golf from the start to the very end of each episode, covering intricate aspects of this relaxing sport in detail.

Each of the episodes is funny, well-written, and nicely directed too. Unlike the previous podcast channels reviewed on this list, Foreplay Podcast will definitely be liked more by the millennial users of this century.

  1. Modgolf Podcast

A newer take to the niche industry, Modgolf Podcast is hosted by Colin Weston who interviews various highly official and well-known people of the industry in order to know their opinion on such a fast-growing sport.

Golf is not very popular amongst youngsters of this age, and that is a fact. However, in this podcast, you will learn the variety of reasons why the youngsters of this generation should indulge themselves in such a sport.

Alongside that, the host interviews such people in order to learn more about how one can innovate and grow golf as a sport, game, and hobby for people of all ages, genders, and cultures.

Listening to this podcast will definitely give you a fresher and newer outlook on golfing as a hobby. The camaraderie between the host and his interviewees is something really fun and creative to look forward to. You will enjoy listening to this upbeat podcast, no matter what your age is!

  1. The Cut

Unlike the previous podcasts, The Cut is actually produced by the global news network BBC. This podcast is definitely a must-listen for those who prefer facts over fiction.

The Cut is a podcast channel that tends to mainly put their core focus and concentration on recent and very current golf trends that are taking the industry by storm.

From debating about why a specific topic is booming to how it can crash into nothing, the hosts on this channel discuss it all. The best thing about this podcast channel is that they do a lot of live discussions, as a team of the channel works to always cover ongoing live matches for unparalleled content.

Because of this, chances are you might get to hear your favorite golfer on the podcast while listening to the channel one day!

The only hitch to this podcast is that the channel mostly covers European golfing news, which might not be as popular in other parts of the globe. However, if you want to listen to something refreshing and maybe from a different culture, then The Cut should be your go-to podcast to listen to.

  1. The Round Golf Podcast

If you want something a bit more laid back and relaxing to listen to, then this is the podcast for you. The Round Golf Podcast is hosted by the very renowned Richard Kaufman, who tends to give off a very pleasant aura to the interviewees. As a result, you can get to know a lot of personal stories and insights of the interviewees through this podcast, simply due to the hosts’ incredible charm!


Podcasts are really fun to listen to, as long as you know which ones to go for. If you want to learn more about golfing, then checking out either of the channels mentioned above will definitely prove to be of great assistance to you. If you are a beginner, you might even be tempted to pick up a club and go golfing yourself in the future!


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